Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to intense your hair colour

Answering the requests:

I thought about why not make a "how-to-intense-my-haircolour" for all haircolour. Here we go:
Your a blond then, huh? Most of you will know these tipps, that you can put lemon juicy in your hair or camomille tea(cold!) and lay in the sun for a while. You will get a tan and blonder hair. Then there is the tipp with washing your hair with backing powder. Of course I tested it all, and I really, really tell you not to put lemon juicy or backing powder in your hair. It makes your hair fizzy for about a month! Better follow these steps if you want great lighter blonde hair:
-Try to go to a hairdresser and let make hightlights into your hair. That's the easiest way.

-Go shopping, and buy these products:
  • Jojobaoil
  • Camomille (make sure your not allergic to it!)
You can put these on your top hair when the sun is shining, nobody will notice it.
-Or buy these products( I my opinion they really help) :

Surely you know the tv series called Gossip Girl. Leighton Meester plays Blair Cornelia Waldorf, a girl with always great chocolate hair. If you want such hair too, try this:


As we all love Isla Fisher in Shopaholic, her hair is great, too. We have many shades of red hair but if you'vce found one for you. go with it.

To intense you reddish hair buy these hair products:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Here are my secrets about my gorgeous hair. Shht don't tell anyone.

Ever since I was a little girl, I had blonde, straight hair. It was a sort of this warm golden hair. But then my hair start curling on the back of my head and my haircolour changed into a light brown. It got darker and darker, up to chocolate brown. And the curls stayed. But some years before, I found out how to straighten hair ( that was really funny, the first time I did it was at my hairdresser's salon) and I started loving it. I used shampoo that was expensive but affordable, and with the time my hair started going blonder. Now I am a dark blonde. And I wanted to go blonder (and I did), so here is a special collage of the products I use and which helped my hair a lot to go blonder.

Use it like this:

1.) John Frieda go blonder shampoo and conditioner (Makes your hair really blonder)
2.) Gliss Kur Hair Repair Total Repair "Kur" (It makes your hair shine and look healthy)
3.) John Frieda beach blonde haircreme ( Makes your hair even blonder at the top)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ah, we love her hair. It is so voluminous and thick, with sun-bleached blond highlights. We can have such hair, too! Check your hair consistence out and go on:
Lucky you! make sure your hair is straight(ened) and shake you head slowly down. Then you take a brush and brush it in this posistion. Spray volume hair spray on your hair in this position, too. Then gently pull your hair back in the position how it grows. Take a comb and part your hair like on this picture. Make sure your curling tong is heated and start making waves in your hair ( you can use mousse if your curls don't live long in your hair), but only up to your nose.Ready!

Straighten your hair first. Wait five minutes and heat your
curling tong. Take a wisp of hair and make mousse on it.
Curl it. Go on until you have got soft waves. Fix them with
hair spray. Ready!

Must-haves in July

These are the things which we absolutely need in our summer holidays. At the beach we can go with waterproof mascara and a bronzen powder. Thats all we need.
1.) First we apply suncreme on our body and our face. That's a MUST, you will get tanned and the tan will last longer than without sunscreen.
2.) Because Step 2 we have got a shiny face now. Surely nobody wants a shiny face, so just start applying sun bronzener powder. You won't shine any longer in the face.
3.) Use waterproof mascara to be sure it won't blur in your face.
You will look amazing. If you want, you can put a flower clip (but not a cheap-looking one!) in your hair. Your ready for the beach.

Tell me how you like it.
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